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Are the Karts safe

No,Yes, and so are the operators! Safety is a paraamount importance to Go Kart Party, The speed of the karts can be matched to the ability of the child, karts  can be matched to the ability of the of the child at between 1 & 6 mph, they have alow centre of garavity, are fitted with safety belts, have regenative brakes, wrap round bumpers, sturdy padded roll cage and the events are FULLY supervised. WE are fully trained in the operation of the karts and will be in attendance throughout the event.


Do the children wear crash helmets
No, the Karts have a padded roll-bar which creates a completely safe cockpit designed and built with Health and Safety in mind. It is also not a legal requirement. 

 How fast do the Karts go?
Karts can be programmed anywhere between a crawl of 1 mph to an exhilarating 6 mph, depending on the ability of the driver. Believe us when you are just 2 inches from the ground, with other karts around you, this is fast. 


What do the other children do whilst they are waiting their turn?
All of our parties are structured and designed to keep the children’s attention even whilst not on the karts. Children are divided into teams and encouraged to cheer on their team mates. Fast change over's send a clear message to the children who are waiting that they will be on the Go-Karts in no time at all. The children are very focused on the track as missing a go is a fate worse than death to them! We also encourage the children to cheer the drivers round and they also call out the last 10 seconds. 

 How long does a party last?
This depends on the number of children attending the party, but as a guide, for up to 16 children we would suggest an hour, for larger parties we would suggest 1 & 1/2 hours. If you require a longer party that can also be arranged. 


Do you provide food?
No, Go Kart Party does not provide food, but many of the venues we operate from do offer catering facilities or else a room, which you can hire to bring in your own food. Please ask for details

 Are you fully insured?
Yes, In fact we have our very own insurance scheme underwritten at Lloyds of London with public liability cover of £5 million 


How much does a session cost?
Prices vary depending on a number of factors including, venue, time, number of children

 What surfaces can the Karts operate on?
Karts will run on any firm surface, tarmac, concrete, sports hall floors or grass without damaging the surface


How big is the circuit?
The circuit measures 16 X 12 Meters 


What training have the operators had?
We have been fully trained by Go Kart Party UK Ltd in the operation of the business with a focus on running event 


Do you provide full instruction?
Yes, our activity is completely managed by our operators who will brief, instruct and co-ordinate the children, it is an operator attended part


What is the maximum recommended number of children per party?
We can and have catered for parties of between 4 & 24 children, although the optimum number is between 12 & 16 children


Is 10 the maximum age?
No, age is not the limitation, size is. Please discuss this with your local operator. 


What type of events will you attend?
Apart from Birthday Parties we are available for School Fetes, Fairs, Carnivals, Shopping Centres, Car Boot Sales, Air Shows, Corporate Days, Family Fun Days etc.

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